J.W Schnarr is a writer and photographer who has won a number of awards for his journalism.

He has spent the bulk of his life in Alberta, Canada.

Schnarr is the former publisher of Northern Frights Publishing and author of two novels, Alice and Dorothy (Northern Frights Publishing) and Living Dead (Severed Press) as well as two short story collections, Things Falling Apart (Five Rivers Publishing) and A Quiet Place (Five Rivers Publishing).

Additionally, he collected three anthologies under Northern Frights Publishing, including Shadows of the Emerald City, War of the Worlds: Frontlines, and Timelines: Stories Inspired by H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

Schnarr’s short fiction has been published has been found in anthologies published by Cemetery Dance, Chizine, and others.

He was a 2013 local guest at the Calgary Horror Con.

Come find him online. You can hang out and be besties.

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