Proof copies have arrived!

Proof copies of A Quiet Place showed up today, and I’m more than thrilled with how they turned out. I ordered five, and will have some very sharp-eyed people go through it for me one last time before we are ready to go live.

As you can see from the interior photo, each story comes accompanied by an illustration.

These are art pieces I built myself using AI software – a strange and amazing process. I’m in no way any kind of visual artist, but it has been amazing getting to know this new technology better and being able to explore this kind of art.

The cover and interior work was all done by the outstanding Alberta writer, artist, and graphic designer E.M. McCallum. She does really great work!

I’m still shooting for a mid-October release date, so keep an eye out here and on my FB and Twitter pages for more news.

I’ll also be highlighting more of the art in A Quiet Place as we move along, so watch out for that as well!

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