Negative Space 2: Return to Survival Horror

Looks like things are moving along with a new anthology I’ll be part of, and that’s great news!

A few days ago, Dark Peninsula Press (@darkpenpress) announced via Twitter that they have signed on the last few authors for their anthology, NEGATIVE SPACE 2: A RETURN TO SURVIVAL HORROR.

My story, “Sunflowers”, will be among them. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this book in print!

Sunflowers is a story about a painter who spends the final days of the world doing what she knows best, cloistered away with her parents on the family farm. But there are no safe places when the world ends,

And the sound of sunflowers shushing the wind isn’t loud enough to drown out the dread beating of wings that fill the sky after sunset…

For more information on this project, please visit Dark Peninsula Press.

Check out the cover here!

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