A new version of “A Quiet Place” is being released!

It’s been nearly a decade since “A Quiet Place,” J.W. Schnarr’s second short story collection, was first published by 5 Rivers Publishing. But a new illustrated version is scheduled for release late in 2022!

The book will feature a new cover and complete interior redesign by Alberta author and book designer/cover artist E.M. MacCallum, and each story will feature a full-colour piece of A.I. generated art. A Quiet Place will self-published in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats.

From the original text:

J.W. Schnarr’s second collection of short horror stories marks a distinct development in his very aggressive style, yet demonstrates a growing subtlety into the psychological over the physical. We journey with him through the hazardous discovery of adolescent female sexuality, the imperatives of affordable labour, watch myth become reality, environments launching attacks, and the dark landscapes of minds battered into breaking. Eleven short stories that will leave you anything but comfortable…

A Quiet Place is the first of a number of re-releases planned by J.W. Schnarr over the next year, and readers can expect a brand new novel out in 2023!

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